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      Support Learning to Give

      Donate to Learning to Give

      Make a tax-deductible?investment in empowering youth in civil society. Help Learning to Give inspire and equip youth and their caring adults with?skills, knowledge, and guided practice in giving and civic participation.??

      Founded in 1997, Learning to Give is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.


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      Learning to Give is grateful to our generous sponsors and supporters at all levels. We are passionate about collaborating with educators to teach philanthropy and kindness in the classroom and community. Together we are helping the next generation learn the attitudes and habits?of service?and civic participation.


      • Kellogg Foundation?
      • Indiana Association of School Principals


      • McGregor Fund
      • Enlight Foundation

      Friends of?Learning to Give

      • Jennifer Kulczycki and the Kresge Foundation
      • F. Martin and Dorothy A. Johnson Family Fund
      • Dwight Burlingame
      • Annie Hernandez
      • Mike Goorhouse
      • Kathy Agard
      • Cindy McNeil
      • Adam Seaman and the Schusterman Foundation
      • Rachel Hutchisson and Blackbaud Corporate Philanthropy
      • Anonymous donors


      Foundations and corporations interested in supporting the work of Learning to Give can contribute to our mission of equipping teachers so all youth are knowledgeable and empowered for lifelong engagement in philanthropy as givers of time, talent, and treasure for the common good. We invite you to?contact us?for more information about opportunities, benefits, and our network.


      Photo credit:?Merrimack College - School of Education by Merrimack College is licenced under CC BY 2.0

      Learning to Give staff is dedicated to maintaining carefully constructed teaching resources that guide teachers and students to learn the traits of generosity, service, civic action, and revolutionary change.