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      White Papers


      Blue Green


      Go Fund Me white paper

      GoFundMe is a for-profit organization that facilitates online donations to individuals and charities. By utilizing technology, individuals are able to connect with a larger audience by supporting charitable causes, medical emergencies, and personal goals.

      Service Learning Fair 2014 by is licenced under CC BY 2.0


      Bright Blue


      W.E.B. Du Bois
      A pioneer in black political thought, W.E.B. Du Bois was considered a central figure in the history of African-American politics.

      Marian Wright Edelman
      Lawyer, social activist, and premier children's rights advocate in the United States, Marian Wright Edelman aided African Americans in the south during the Civil Rights movement as they asserted their right to vote. 

      Wangari Maathai
      Maathai is best known for her efforts to develop the Green Belt Movement, a grassroots organization that focuses on planting trees to replenish the environment and improve the quality of life.

      National Advocate for Children Speaks Out in Connecticut by CT Senate Democrats is licenced under CC BY 2.0


      Lime Green


      National Organization for Women
      NOW was established by a group of feminists who were dedicated to actively challenging sex discrimination in society. NOW's actions have established itself as a major force in the sweeping changes that put more women in political posts; increased educational, employment and business opportunities for women; and enacted tougher laws against violence, harassment and discrimination.

      Creative Company Conference 2011 by Sebastiaan ter Burg is licenced under CC BY 2.0




      Generally defined as a tenth of the fruits of one's labor owed to God in recognition and thankfulness, tithes are traditionally paid to one's religious institution.

      Religious Basis for Charitable Giving
      Many religious faiths encourage charitable activity by its members. Although the reasoning and origin varies from one group to another, numerous similarities emerge as the basis for charitable giving.

      Traces charity back to the 4th Century roots of "agape," translating love for mankind to a concern for their welfare.

      A New Horizon by Images Improbables is licenced under CC BY 2.0

      The Mini-Courses provide online training in philanthropy education and service-learning. In your own time and at your desktop, learn methods of thoughtful service-learning, as well as the history, practice, and benefits of philanthropy, for educators, nonprofit professionals, parents, and volunteers.