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      Materials For Sale

      Thank you for visiting the Learning to Give store!

      Available for Purchase:

      Activity and Discussion Cards - $10 per deck plus $3.50 shipping & handling when mailed within the U.S. Additional fees may apply on international orders. 
      Contact Katie at kherrygers@learningtogive.org for bulk orders. 
      Learning to Give offers you these carefully researched activity and discussion cards for “Raising Giving and Caring Kids” based on international philanthropy standards and 20 years of teaching philanthropy education. Vetted by parents, educators, and adult facilitators of youth, these cards are sure to spark a passion for giving.


      Each deck includes 15 discussion starters and 15 activity ideas.

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      Generosity is a life attitude and practice best taught from a young age to form an engaged civil society!

      These cards inspire meaningful conversations and experiences to build empathy, respect, and generosity in families, youth groups, and classrooms. Great for intergenerational and groups with diverse perspectives, these cards may be used at mealtimes, in trainings and meetings, as a daily group discussion starter, or to instigate service-learning practices.

      Here’s the deal, pick a card to spark conversation and action to build community, empathy and caring. Put reminders in your calendar to use a card every week!

      • "The cards are great! We actually used some of the questions to launch our introductions for our Philanthropy Initiative Class." -Christy Godinez, CA
      • "I LOVE THEM!! Using them with my STUCO and will with Service Classes." -Liz Benstead, NC
      Please note, all purchases are made through the Council of Michigan Foundations, the parent organization of Learning to Give. Your bank statement will reflect this.